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I was hoping to be a prolific blogger now that my new site is up and running. I thought I'd have loads of free time now that I wasn't obsessing about how my galleries looked! The truth is, real work takes priority and with wedding and festival season in full swing, I've not had a chance.

If you followed my previous blog posts, you will remember that I was looking for interns to join me. I was amazed by the response and had a hard decision to make. I couldn't decide on three in particular. Sally's background was in Events, Faye's in Interior Architecture and Verity's in Fashion Styling. I decided to be greedy and chose all three!

Sally and Faye have been working with me for a while now, Verity is joining us soon. I thought a good way of getting to know all the props and furniture would be to have a good sort out! Our props and furniture are spread out over two floors of our barn, so we moved all the small props, dining chairs and tables upstairs and all the large furniture such as sofas and dressing tables remained downstairs. We've organised everything in categories, hanging frames (even chairs!) on the wall, we even have a photo area upstairs for all new product photography. Did I mention we are organised??

We would love you to come and see our organised space, we may even plan an 'open house' in the Autumn! In the meantime, we will keep you up to date with regular mailouts, so please do join our mailing list.

If we can help you with any props and furniture for your wedding, event, party, book launch, whatever the occassion, we would love to help. Fill out the enquiry form or drop me an email

Enjoy the rest of your week. x

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