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I was delighted to be asked to join this fabulous event hosted by The Paper Girls - Abigail Warner and Lucy Ledger. We were flying out on our summer holiday very early the next morning, so I was inititally in two minds. I was so glad I did.

Delicious flower arrangements by Blue Sky Flowers.

Some of our furniture, including one of our 'new' coffee tables with two drawers. Fill with flowers or packs of cards!!

The venue was beautifully styled and featured interesting wall art. Pantone colour swatches, little envelopes and decals with messages and notes and the odd flamingo here and there. I was lucky enough to take some of the gorgeous Farrow & Ball wallpaper home with me that dressed either side of the stage. I have my eye on one design for our lounge.

Me chatting to Jane Means.

Cath Kidston was the Key Note Speaker. Speaking about the "Journey of a Brand, she shared her inspirational story from her kitchen tabletop dreams to multi-national success, she talked about her vision and creative processes. It was lovely to hear about collaborations such as the fabric for Ikea. Who didn't have some Rosali fabric from Ikea?

It was lovely to hear everyone elses story too. Geraldine James, author of many gorgeous books and Head Buyer for Selfrides. She inspired me to start writing my book!!

Other speakers and panelists included David Hicks from Really Good Co., Mark Jessett from GF Smith, Laura Caudery from Fetcham Park, Mark Niemierko, Helen Sharland from Cutture, designer Belinda Love-Lee, author and photographer Emily Quinton, Sara Russell from Wedding Sparrow all shared their experiences.

Kirsty Whyte from Heals, illustrator Jakki Doodles, retail and stylist Allison Sadler from The People Shop (I loved her) and Fiona Humberstone, Brand Stylist author of the fabulous 'How to Style Your Brand'. Her amazing book was displayed on our bureau. We also provided furniture for her book launch, photos of that event over on our Gallery.

After the panel talks, there was a chance to spend time in the Wonder Room. Including Jane Means and Imogen Owen's Modern Calligraphy. I'm a big fan of her work and desperate to go on a chalkboard writing class. Hint, hint!!

This is a selection of the furniture we used for Paperfest! Also available for you to hire over from Vintage Style Hire.



White Bureau with blue interior

Pie Crust Tables

We look forward to seeing you all at Paperfest 2016!

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