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New stuff!

I couldn't let 29th February go by without a blog post!

We've been pretty busy for the early months of the year. We also celebrated our 5th Birthday! How the time has flown. From wandering round our house with a clipboard wondering what people might like to hire, to a barn so packed to the gills we need more space! Happy Birthday to us!

Photo / Comeuppance

We would like to share some 'new' furniture with you!

Hetty - now she's a beauty all the way from Bognor Regis.



​Charlotte - she's one of our first but we've had her fixed up! She's still only available for shoots as she's a little fragile for parties!

Peggy - a little more retro than our usual style, but I thought she would appeal to the younger crowd and would look great at a festival!

Polly & Penny - as a suite, or lovely on their own!

Rose - when we saw her, we had to have her. She's the same as Maggie our cover girl!

Doris - we took her to Paradise for a shoot with Love My Dress..

Annabel - she came to Paradise too! Sadly no pro images of these girls were taken.

and lastly Primrose. She's a favourite and could find her way into our lounge!

We will be working on new photography for all our furniture. I'm thinking of making a backdrop and floor out of whitewashed wood. What do you think? Would you like to see them all on the same background or mixed up a bit. Comments welcome and suggestions from photographers gratefully received!

These girls love to travel, so if you are planning your wedding or styling a big event, we'd love to hear from you. If you are uncertain who to choose, we are very happy to take a look at your ideas and make some suggestions.

Look forward to hearing about your plans.

Happy Leap Year!

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