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Time for change!

Well if anyone checks into the website, you'll notice my blog hasn't had much action! I used to love writing, but this past year has been a bit crazy to say the least.

We spent nearly a year looking for a new house and during that year a shop on our High Street became available. I knew if I saw anyone else open it, I would regret it, so we took the plunge and went for that too! Needless to say, I completely underestimated the time and stress of selling a house and going through the lengthy process of securing a shop! But after three months of negotiations and three weeks working into the night, painting and refitting the shop, we opened Vintage Style Living on 1st November. Two weeks later we moved house!

22 Town Street Thaxted Essex CM6 2LA

We've loved every minute. The shop is evolving each day. We are working it out as we go along, that has to be the best way right? We WILL do a website soon so we can show you around and entice you to this beautiful part of the world!

Now that we are settled in our home and the renovations have started - yes, we also bought a renovation project of course, we are focussing our attentions to Vintage Style Hire. Finally!

We have become known for our brightly coloured furniture, creating lovely lounge areas at weddings, filling festival tents and stage sets, so we have decided to fine tune our collection and leave the smaller props to other rental companies, of which there are now many. Stylists and florists also have their own props, so we thought we'd specialise in the big stuff!

Cath Kidston at Paperfest

Kirsty Allsop at The Handmade Fair

We will be working on some changes to the website, we may even be selling some furniture too, so do follow us on FB and IG for updates and we'd love you to visit us at the shop.

Any enquiries, do email us

Exciting times ahead!

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