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Restaurant & Bar Award Winner!

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is sourcing and styling the finishing touches for restaurants and bars.

We first started working with the Pitcher & Piano group back in 2011 when we were asked to style their 25th Birthday celebrations in Nottingham. We subsequently styled many of their annual events, including their 30th Birthday party five years later!! They are always great fun and obviously include lots and lots of alcohol. Shame!

The event styling led us to working on styling their bars too! First Hitchin, then Nottingham and most recently for their Revere chain of bars and restaurants, the latest one in Knutsford. They always choose stunning buildings and this one was no exception. It was part of their new Lost & Found concept, each bar, a Botanical Victorian Hideaway. The Lost & Found in Knutsford features Emily B Kingsley, a Lepidopterist! For those who don't know what one is (and I was one of them) it's a Butterfly Collector! I spent many months researching and sourcing all things butterfly!

To watch their Architects, Concorde BGW, turn an almost derelict building into a stunning venue was incredible. You certainly have to have vision when you walk round the building site and handed the design brief!

It's always quite daunting turning up with a van load of furniture, props and flowers when the last time you saw the space it had peeling plaster and holes in the floors. Concorde are great to work with and Gemma and I have a lot of fun with their guys, on hand to put up mirrors, pictures, installations and Juju Hats. The Juju hat caused a bit of a stir, but as far as I know, it's still up!!

One of the reason for this post is we were delighted to hear that The Lost & Found in Knutsford have just won 'Best Restaurant or Bar in a Heritage Building' in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. 35 category winners were revealed at a ceremony, which took place at London’s King’s Cross on the 5th October. The Awards ceremony was attended by over 700 of the UK and world’s best designers, and their clients responsible for the design of the most innovative food and beverage spaces.

Congratulations on the award guys, I guess the finishing touches may have looked alright too?

The Penny Drop, a restaurant in Melbourne designed by Design by Golden, and Westlight, a bar in New York, USA designed by Studio Munge were the Overall winners of the 2017 Awards.

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